August 20, 2013

WildStar has wild approach to subscription model

Highly anticipated MMORPG Wildstar, by NC Soft, will introduce a unique approach to the subscription based MMO model.

The game will follow the standard "buy the box and then pay subscription" trend common among MMORPGs, but will also introduce to its players a unique way to buy game time. The in game item C.R.E.D.D adds a month of game time to your account when activated. C.R.E.D.D can be purchased by in game currency from other players, or with real life money, but for a higher price than then standard one month subscription fee. This strategy is in place to help fight against the illegal gold farming trend, common in almost every MMO. Players who wish to buy in game currency with real money can instead buy C.R.E.D.D, and then sell it in game for in game currency.
And yes. This also means that there is the potential for players to never have to pay subscription fee after the initial purchase. Whoopee! Technically F2P!

Frankly, I think this is a genius move by NC Soft, and I'll most likely pick it up when it releases.

Mind blown

Minuum Keyboard is out!

It is a keyboard like no other. If you have watched the preview videos a little while back, you may have remembered the unique style that this keyboard features. Instead of a full-fledged half-screen QWERTY keyboard you get with all other keyboards, Minuum sets out to break the trend and feature a one-line keyboard.

The keyboard is now available as a public beta in the Android Play Store. Right now the features is rather limited. You are able to switch between the one-line keyboard or the full one, and the word prediction is working as predicted. Currently you are only able to type in English but I'm sure there will be support for other languages in later releases.

The keyboard coasts under $5 and you can download it from the Play Store here.

[Translation] Kuroko no Basket Taiwan Event Report

Last Saturday (17-Aug-2013) there was a special KuroBasu event at Taiwan's Comic Exhibition. Seiyuus Ono Kenshou (Kuroko) and Suwabe Junichi (Aomine) were invited as guests, where they held a Q&A session, a signing session, an "アフレコ" (dubbing) session and played games with fans.
Left: Suwabe (Aomine), Right: OnoK (Kuroko)
GNN Gamer reports the details of the event (in Chinese). I will provide an English translation of the report below.

Along with Suwabe and OnoK, another member of the Generation of Miracles, Suzumura Kenichi (Murasakibara), appeared as a surprised guest, who came on stage presenting two bouquets of flowers for Suwabe and OnoK. Since SuzuKen was to hold a separate mini-concert later that evening (in Taiwan), so he decided to give his fans an early greeting at the KuroBasu event (Unfortunately he didn't stay long).
(Hear the fangirls screaming. Suwabe's mandarin is funny "你是誰?"/Who are you?)
Q: This is the second time that OnoK and Suwabe are in Taiwan, and this is SuzuKen's first time. What are your thoughts about coming to Taiwan this time?
OnoK: Overall, the people are very friendly, the food is delicious and I'm very grateful for everybody's support so that I can come to Taiwan again. This time I get to perform with Suwabe and Suzumura. Also, everyone check out my hair, Kise came to Taiwan too! [laughs]

Suwabe: Very comfortable. All the men are good looking and the ladies are very cute~~!

SuzuKen: Hi everyone! Although this is my first time in Taiwan, but it certainly doesn't feel that way. I feel like I'm back home. When I turned the television on at the hotel, I was very surprised to discover that there's so many (Japanese) anime airing (in Taiwan)!

[Download] Karneval Character Single #5 - Gareki

DL here.
To be honest, I don't really like it. Just something in Kamiya Hiroshi's voice that bugs me. But I'm sure it'll grow on me as I keep listening on repeat.

Starcraft makes you smarter!

Look how happy he is!
It's already well known that video games have the ability to improve co-ordination and problem solving skills, but a new study from London has shown that real time strategy games, Starcraft in particular, can increase mental agility and cognitive flexibility.

Check out the CNET article HERE!

If Starcraft makes you think faster, why do I think so slowly? I gotta get back into the game!

Gotta go train!