August 19, 2013

[Download] Marginal#4 - LOVE★SAVIOR

Bishies everywhere!!
I previously fangirled about Marginal #4's teaser of their latest single LOVE★SAVIOR. And today someone was kind enough to upload the single, dl here.
Marginal #4 is a 4 person musical unit comprised of seiyuus: Masuda Toshiki (増田俊樹), Takahashi Naozumi (高橋直純), KENN and Suzuki Yuto (鈴木裕斗).
Once again these delicious bishies throws kisses in the chorus of their songs. *bam*bam* -dies-
This set of songs are just as catchy as their previous single. I wish I could see these boy live. ^drools^

Seiyuu appreciation post: Sakurai Takahiro

Sakurai's got quite a few roles this season, including: ServantXService, Danganronpa, Inu to Hasami, Recorder to Randoseru mi, Senyuu 2 and Uchouten Kazoku.

Zedd - Zelda remix

Do you need some music to pump up your gaming experience? Well I've got just the song for you! Check out Zedd's remix of the classic Legend of Zelda theme song.

I was instantly impressed by this awesome remix. Get your headphones out and pump up the bass!

Rocking out!

Life: Acquired M&M'S

I recently had a craving for M&M'S and today I finally bought myself a pack of these delicious little balls of chocolate with peanuts inside! So scrumptious! Anyhow, I shall go and enjoy these! Bye!