August 14, 2013

Game Spotlight: Gone Home

I am a huge fan of indie games, and this one has me extra excited!
Gone Home is an indie game by The Fullbright Company, due to be released on the 15th of August. It is a first person mystery exploration game set in the 90's.
The premise is: You are a girl that has just returned home from travelling abroad. However, when you arrive, you find that your large house is completely empty. The objective of the game is to explore the house, picking up clues as to where your family may be. The entire house is searchable. Every door, cupboard, drawer and closet can be opened and interacted with.
As stated before, the game will be available on the 15th, for the price of $20.00 US. I am very eager to put my sleuthing skills up to the challenge! I wanna solve a mystery!

The Fullbright Company website

Patiently waiting

Seiyuu appreciation post: Free! boys part 2

Found some high res. scans of the magazine that interviewed the Free! boys (in half-cosplay). Thought I'd like to share them. Note that Hirain and Yonaga's mine.

Doctor Who Easter egg hidden in Google Maps

A humble police box in London in Google Street View is just a little bigger on the inside.

The new 2013 season of Doctor Who brought with it a brand new TARDIS interior design. Now, thanks to Google Street View, you can explore it.

A humble police telephone box on Earl's Court Road in London has the Doctor's time and space machine inside.

To get in, head over to this link, mouse over the screen and double-click the double white arrows that appear in front of it. For users of the new Google Maps beta, try pressing the up arrow key, or open the link in Chrome's incognito mode.

And it's not just a static image, either. You can click around and get a close look at the control panels, head up and down the stairs and pan around using the mouse so as not to miss a single detail.

Alas, you can't open any of the doors to find out what else the TARDIS is hiding, but we guess a Doctor does need to keep some things to himself.

[via CNET]

Game Day blog #5

Hey all! Rhycen here, back with another edition of the Game Day blog.
So, last Friday, I finally received my copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and I've been having a ton of fun with it. I started as a Shinx named Cooper, with my parter as a Squirtle named Tanks. It's a great game, and there's not much more to say about that.

Over the past few days I've been slowly hyping myself up to pick up Monster Hunter again, and also to start playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which I recently purchased on Steam. Due to uni work and the such, I haven't been able to game as much, but I do what I can. I have actually played Skyrim before, and I got about halfway through the game. The copy I had was not entirely legitimate, so I'm happy to pay for it now. Hopefully it'll be much more of a pleasant experience with bug fixes and the like. I'm eager to install some awesome mods.


Tapatalk 4 now on sale, just $0.99 for one week

Tapatalk 4
After releasing its updated Tapatalk HD for tablets and beta testing Tapatalk 4 for phones, the new version is now fully available and kicking off with an 80-percent off sale. As we've shown before, the new version of Tapatalk brings a whole bunch of new features and modern design that is well worth the upgrade price. Users who have previously purchased Tapatalk HD for tablets will now get the upgrade to Tapatalk 4 for free, supporting both phones and tablets in one app.

For those who have an older version or have yet to pick up any version of Tapatalk, the version 4 app is on sale this week for just $0.99, and will go up to $4.99 after this week. The new Tapatalk 4 app requires Android 4.0 or above, but Tapatalk 2 will continue to support devices on Android 2.x.

[via Android Central]

Karneval anime OST

Finally I have time to listen to the Karneval anime OST (download available here). I'm in love!! This is amazing music. Why did I not notice it while watching the anime? Oh right, I was too absorbed listening to OnoD and Hirarin's voice (lol). I can't wait for the next set of character singles, #4 is by Karoku and Uro (aka Suwabe!) and #5 is Gareki (aka HiroC). My favourite character single is definitely #3 with Hirato and Akari, aka OnoD and Hirarin, with both of them singing in their low smexy voices! You can download their single here.