August 13, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 7 [v.P]

Hey Bro! It's that time of the week again! Conflict 7: Limit.
I am drooling and kissing my computer screen right now thanks to this week's endcard! I've already set it as my wallpaper.
That kiss mark!!

Audio samples released for the remaining Free! character singles

The official Lantis YouTube channel posted today the audio samples for Rin, Rei and Nagisa's character singles, to be released September 4th, 2013.
Check them out below!
Rin sounds exactly like Tokiya... ORZ
Nagisa is too shouta! -nosebleeds-
I...uhh...wasn't expecting that voice Hirarin.... I don't think these songs suit Hirarin's voice, it's too low for him.

Chrome Theme: Ga-Rei: Zero Yomi

I decided to create another Chrome theme again. This time it features Yomi from the anime, Ga-Rei: Zero. The theme contains a nice dark red toolbar and a fabulous picture of Yomi as the background. Fans of Ga-Rei: Zero will enjoy this theme.

SwiftKey Cloud beta updated with numerous fixes

SwiftKey Cloud beta
SwiftKey is pushing out an updated build of its latest beta product, "SwiftKey Cloud", that fixes many annoying issues with the initial release that have been reported by testers. Version makes several big improvements including being able to personalize with multiple Gmail accounts, removal of Android's own backup service if Cloud is enabled and removing redundant SwiftKey account entries in the Android settings menu.

Additionally, many small issues have been fixed. Gmail personalization should no longer crash, Flow predictions are now more responsive, Cloud preferences crashes have been fixed and emoji input in Handcent has been fixed. There are still several more known issues that are next in line to be fixed, but this is still a big update that all beta testers should move up to.

[via Android Central]