August 9, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: GRANRODEO

I'm too tired to scroll through walls of missed Twitter, blogs and forums to catch up with anime and music news for today. So just gonna be lazy and post a photo of GRANRODEO, the duo band created by seiyuu Taniyama Kishow (left: vocals) and e-Zuka (right: guitarist).

Chrome Theme: Yuki Nagato

Here is another theme created for Chrome featured Yuki Nagato from the popular Haruhi Suzumiya series! The theme is purple (obviously) since Yuki's hair is also purple! This is the perfect theme for those who like Yuki Nagato and the colour purple. Enough purple! Purple everywhere! Enjoy the theme.

My Windows XP wallpaper would have looked like this

Well this wallpaper seems really nostalgic. Wait. It's that default Windows XP wallpaper! The one with green fields and blue sky with white fluffy clouds! That one! Hang on...something doesn't seem right. There seems to be extra stuff added on to the wallpaper. Was there ever that many birds in the sky? Were there any birds at all? I don't think so...

Woah. I just realised that Hatsune Miku is standing right there on the green field waving her hand at the birds! Now that is totally awesome.