August 7, 2013

Splash Free gets rank #12 on Oricon charts

Oricon's daily ranking results are out!! Splash Free - #12, Mako's single - #16 and Haru's single - #18. Guess Ta_2's more popular huh.

Seiyuu appreciation post: Suzuki Tatsuhisa

It just struck me how amazing Ta_2's (Tatsuhisa's preferred nickname) voice is, you seriously can't tell that the guy who sang the Free! OP is the same guy that sang Makoto's character songs.
Left to right: Hirarin, Mamo, Nobunaga, Ta_2, Yonaga.

Dengeki Daisy manga to end in September

The September issue of Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine revealed that Kyousuke Motomi's Dengeki Daisy shoujo manga will end in the magazine's October issue.
Source: ANN

When seiyuus "cosplay" their characters

In the last few days anime forums have been going hype over the September cover of the Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine which features the 5 main seiyuus of Free! cosplaying as the characters that they voiced. @nanaya1974 compared past magazine cover photos that featured seiyuus "cosplaying" (or at least holding the same pose) as their characters of their respective anime.
Gakuen Heaven (2006), UtaPri (2011) and Free! (2013)
An extra bonus photo for Tiger & Bunny fans. Here's Hirata Hiroaki cosplaying as Kotetsu, the character that he voiced.
Lastly, let's not forget our comical Sugita Tomokazu cosplaying as Gintoki from Gintama.

Xperia Miku themed phone gets an ad!

Remember that Hatsune Miku themed Xperia phone that was announced a little while back? Well here is the official ad for it!

The video shows two main characters; a high school girl that likes to listen to music on her Xperia phone and an office worker with a music hobby. It shows the life of these two people as they go about their daily lives. The girl in the video feels a bit lonely and slightly jealous as she notices a couple walking down the street. On the other hand, the office worker seems like an average guy and not that noticeable among his co-workers. 

The video then hits night, where the office worker is diligently composing music whilst the high school girl is laying in bed listening to her music. Then finally, the song has been composed and released and the girl receives a notification on her device in which she instantly listens to it and sends a comment on the song. The final seconds of the clip shows the two walking past each other on the street, not knowing the 'connection' they shared because of Hatsune Miku.