July 31, 2013

Taking a look at the Nvidia Shield

DSC08046Hey all!

I was just browsing around the webs and I came across this IGN article about the Nvidia Shield. As it is, the Shield is more of a prototype for what I hope is the future for gaming. I'd love to one day be able to play my Steam games while sitting on the bus.

That's all for now.

Links: http://au.ign.com/articles/2013/07/31/nvidia-shield-review

[Lyrics] 14 to 1 (Full) - Brothers Conflict ED song

I promised I would translate the full lyrics of 「14 to 1」 when the full song is released and when I got my (fangirl) hands on the lyrics booklet. So here it is!

I still wince at the "Ohayou, Oyasumi, Arigatou" section every time I listen to this song; the lyrics are so silly and out of place - Why are my onii-chan's greeting me Good morning, Good night and Thank you? Also, I think that the key change was unnecessary. They could've just ended the song at the 4:38 mark. But this song does have a pretty funky piano accompaniment.
Edit: OMG I just realised what the "Ohayou, Oyasumi and Arigatou" section mean!! In the chorus they've always been singing/repeating "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" (only THREE kisses) and then they sing "Good morning, good night, thank you", giving the THREE reasons for the kisses - a good morning kiss, a good night kiss and a thank you kiss.

What I did enjoy from this CD is the cast comments, each of the 14 males spoke (in character) the first line of the the chorus [My sister めちゃくちゃにアイシテル! やさしいだけの キスならいいのかい?// My sister, I've fallen madly in love with you. Is it alright to give you a gentle kiss?], and then they proceeded to thank you for listening to this CD. Suwabe (Kaname) is cheeky and added a kiss to his message, which he also did for his Jinguuji Ren cast comment for UtaPri. *faints*

Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of 14 to 1 (full), the ending song of the Brothers Conflict anime.
Note: Any lines not colour coded means that all the bro's sing. I deciphered the colour code by ear; they never specified who sang which line in the lyrics booklet. The parts in brackets ( ) in the English translation are there to help the meaning flow smoother.

「14 to 1」 (Brothers Conflict ED) single takes rank 19

It's report card day for JMusic and the BroConf ED single 「14 to 1」 takes rank 19 on the Oricon charts on its first day of release. Furthermore, Trignal's (formed by seiyuus: Eguchi Takuya, Kimura Ryohei and Yonaga Tsubasa) second single, Summer Magic, takes rank 20!
You can download Summer Magic here. And you can download 「14 to 1」 here.

Seiyuu appreciation post: Namikawa Daisuke

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle

The Humble Bundle is back! That's right, here's another chance to pay peanuts for a handful of amazing games.

For those that don't know, The Humble Bundle is a sale that comes along once in a while with a bundle of games or books or whatever their selling at the time, and you can pay whatever you want! Donate above the average amount, and you unlock a couple of additional products. You can choose where your money goes, whether it's to various charities, the game developers, or directly to The Humble Bundle, to support future bundles.

This time, the folks over at Humble Bundle HQ are bringing you a collection of six triple A titles
from developer Deep Silver. Included in the pack is Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen Waters and Sacred 2 Gold. If you choose to pay above the average price, you will also receive Dead Island GOTY edition, and the full Saints Row: The Third DLC package. But wait, there's more! Paying over $25 will also unlock Dead Island Riptide.

What are you waiting for?
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