July 28, 2013

「Believe My Dice」 Profile Icons and Banner version

Since I'm super happy with my latest fanart (I'm pretty sure I drained a whole month's worth of art juice/inspiration with that piece of work), I decided make profile icons and banners out of my art. Feel free to use them!
Edit: I also made a banner of my Brothers Conflict art.

Chrome Theme: Snow Miku Revamped

Remember that 'Snow Miku' theme a while back? Well I decided to give it a little revamp. This time instead of select default colours from the theme creator, I decided to actually put some thought into the colour scheme and such. As a result, I came up with a nice dark blue theme! It fits all displays under 1920x1080 resolution. Enjoy!

Pumpkin's Palette: Believe My Dice (Makai Ouji)

Stepping out of my comfort zone, testing out Chibi style.
Inspired by the opening song of Makai Ouji, "Believe my dice", I drew the six main characters in Makai Ouji each holding up a number from 1 to 6, for each face of a die.
You can print this out, cut it out and paste the side tabs together to make your own Makai Ouji dice!
Lineart version: