July 27, 2013

Hanafuda Cards + Koi-Koi

I just bought myself a pack of Hanafuda cards from eBay. I am hoping to learn how to play a card game called Koi-Koi! I got the idea of wanting to play the card game featured in an anime movie called Summer Wars. Shipping it going to take up to 30 days so it is going to be a long wait for it to come from Japan.

Google Hangouts gets a minor update with more emoji and butter

Google Hangouts has received a relatively minor update today, bringing the app to version 1.1. Normally, we don't cover every little app update, but this time around the team have added a little bit of project butter to make the app smoother, and folks with older phones are going to be happy with that news. The full change log:
  • Added more emoji!
  • We added some butter to Hangouts to make it run faster and slicker.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.