July 24, 2013

Featured Wallpaper: K-On Graduation

I finally graduated from uni! =D

Seiyuu appreciation post: Suzumura Kenichi

Please. He's mine. Don't you dare touch him.
Got it? Okay. Good. XD
Started watching Starry☆Sky and I'm in love with my bishies. Of course SuzuKen is in it.

Introducing SwiftKey Cloud beta

SwiftKey has launched a new range of cloud-based features as part of its new version 4.2 beta. SwiftKey Cloud allows users to back up their personalizations and predictions to the cloud, and keep them in sync across multiple devices. That means your personally-tweaked writing style is conveniently saved if you upgrade or switch devices. The new version also allows your dictionary to be automatically updated with "trending phrases" based on local current events, without requiring a separate app update.

The SwiftKey Cloud system itself uses Google+ sign-in, meaning you can get things set up with a single tap. When you log in with your Google accounts, SwiftKey will also personalize itself based upon your Gmail history. And it's become easier to personalize your keyboard through Facebook too, with support for the social network's APIs.

You can get the Beta here.
[via Android Central]

Miku touch typing music game

Test your touch typing skills with this Miku game! You must not let Miku stop running!

Shingeki no Kyojin - Jiyuu no Tsubasa (OP2) Piano duet

If you haven't seen the latest work/collab between Animenz and TheIster then you're missing out big time. Both Animenz and TheIster cover anime songs on piano and uploads it on to Youtube, and their works are amazing. I really like Animenz's arpeggio techniques, and TheIster is famous for his insane LH jumps. Their latest inspirational work is the second OP song of Shingeki no Kyojin, Jiyuu no Tsubasa. I promise it'll blow you away.