July 23, 2013

Brothers Conflict - Episode 4 [v.P]

Hey Bro! Yup, it's that time of the week again. pumpkin goes spaz over bishies again.
Summary of the episode: Conflict 4: Jealousy.

  1. Azusa and Tsubaki held a live event for a game that they voiced as seiyuus (turns out Natsume's company made that game), and Yuusuke and Chi-chan attends the event. At the backstage dressing room, Tsubaki asks Ema to come join in Tsubaki and Azusa's celebration for the successful event, Ema hesitates, but Tsubaki tells her it's okay because she's part of the family. Tsubaki then talks about having to audition for a upcoming anime role, with which he has to fight Azusa for. Ema seemed excited to hear that Azusa and Tsubaki will be rivals, but she still gives them her good luck. All the while Yuusuke just sulks in the corner.
  2. Back home, Ukyo tells her that most of the bro's are at work/away/haven't confirmed whether they'll be home to eat dinner with her (Azusa, Tsubaki, Louis and Iori can't come). Fuuto suddenly texts her saying that his work ended early and invites her to watch a movie. Immediately after Kaname calls her to tell her that to his great disappointment he can't eat dinner with her because he has some work he couldn't get away from. And Masaomi calls right after her call with Kaname ended, cue Ukyo twitching his eye (lol), again due to work reasons he can't come home tonight. Ukyo gets suuuuper depressed that everyone else has Ema's cell number. 
  3. Subaru is the only one that ends up eating dinner with Ema. At the end of the meal, he confesses his love for... her cooking. (facepalm, it's just like Masato/Tokiya confessing to Haruka that he loves... her music.)
  4. Audition results are out - Azusa got the role, meaning that Tsubaki didn't. Azusa is super conscientious of his twin/triplet brother, really cares for Tsubaki's feelings. Obviously Tsubaki isn't happy, but he tries to act happy for Ema's sake. Natsume keeps his promise and mails Ema the zombie game that his company made, which the twins voiced in. Ema immediately starts playing and is awed by the twin's voice acting skills.
  5. Ema gets stuck in the desert area in the zombie game, gets frustrated, saw Natsume's name card on her desk, then decides to ask Natsume out on a date just to ask him how to beat the game. At the restaurant, other ladies noticed (hot) Natsume and mistakes Ema as his girlfriend. When Ema heard the whispers she gets all embarrased and blushes, Natsume being thick headed asks her is she has a fever. Azusa then calls Natsume asking whether he's been in contact with Tsubaki since Tsuba didn't come home last night, Natsume says 'nope, got no idea', then asks Ema about it. Natsume then tells Ema how Azusa got the role but Tsubaki didn't. 
  6. Turns out it's Christmas time, and Natsume jokes(?) about whether Ema's got a dinner date. Natsume suddenly realises that Ema ties her hair up so her neck would be cold, then gives her his scarf (oh what a manly move).
  7. Back home Azusa is sitting outside because he can't stay calm inside the house. Ema gets worried that he'll catch a cold which would interfere with his seiyuu work. Azusa then reveals to Ema that he rejected the new anime project that he got offered (the one where Tsubaki didn't make it), for Tsubaki's sake. Then Ema gets all flustered saying "no you shouldn't quit, you were specially chosen. I LOVE YOUR VOICE!" Then Azusa's like "No, I can't do it (without Tusbaki). I won't do it!" Tsubaki then suddenly shows up (confesses to Azusa) "Azusa, do it. I don't want anyone else but you. I am Azusa's number one fan. So I want to hear your voice." Azusa: "I understand." Tsubaki: "Thank you." *they hug* Azusa: "I'll give it my best." Tsubaki: "Of course you will. If you do a half-arsed job I'll never forgive you. Then let's pinky promise." 
  8. Tsubaki asks if Ema can take a stroll with him. They walk to a nearby park. Tsubaki admits that it's painful being rejected in the audition. Then he teases Ema saying that he heard Ema say she liked Azusa's voice the best, and asks her what she thinks of his voice. Ema agrees that she really likes Tsubaki's voice too. Then *bam* Tsubaki grabs Ema and kisses her. 

Pumpkin's Palette: Faces of Shino (Hakkenden)

While I patiently wait for the new raws for BroConf, and having Believe My Dice (OP of Makai Ouji) on repeat, here are a few scratches of Shino from Hakkenden.
Each little story of Hakkenden always seems to make me feel very emotional. Yesterday's episode was about helping a blind girl.
I was playing around with different brushes in the palette of MyPaint. I don't think I'm using my brushes correctly :/
It seems I need more practice - especially on side profiles. (And girls).

Shingeki no Kyojin - 「This love」

I never was a fan of (or even liked) Kpop. But this trace-over-adaptation is really cool.
Maybe I should try something like this one day. Suggestions anyone? (Song and anime characters?)
Edit: The original music PV is here:

ShingekiXMiku crossover

I came across this Shingeki no Kyojin and Miku - Rolling girl crossover video this morning. I thought it was pretty cute, so I wanted to share it.

Android App Spotlight: Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies™ - screenshot
I'm not sure if I have done an Android App Spotlight on Plants vs Zombies before, but I will do one anyway.

Plants vs Zombies has been around for a while now and it is still addictive as ever now. Think of it as tower defence in a different form. You plant 'Plants' that help you defend your lawn from the invading army. You have an arsenal of 49 plants such as Peashooters, Wall-nuts, Cherry Bombs and more. The puns are endless in the game. Theres 50 levels in Adventure Mode. 26 types of Zombies to defeat.

You can download the game from the Google Play Store!