July 22, 2013

Pumpkin's Palette: Desert!Wataru

I scratched this last night from instantaneous inspiration, but I forgot to upload it.
It's partly inspired by the desert theme from the Free! ED sequence, and partly by Magi. Not forgetting the fact that I'm so soaked up in BroConf love, hence I chose Wataru as the character.

[Piano Sheet Music] BelovedXSurvival - Brothers Conflict Opening Song

I really liked how I arranged the awesome bass line (LH) and kind-of-improvisation in the instrumental bridge :3
Overall, I really enjoyed using my day and making this transcription. BroConf love forever!
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Serah's Eats #1

I went on a small weekend-ish trip recently which accounts for my absence from the blog for the past few days. I had a as lovely a time as it could get with my brother's aggravating aura in the picture, we shopped we swam and we ate. Which of course subtly leads to my review of this lovely restaurant which rests upon the lovely scenic Mt Tambourine.
It's called The Polish Place, aptly named as it is owned by Polish people, with some lovely blond waitresses wandering around in traditional Polish dress, flower headband-mabobs and all.
The scenery was a million dollars, gorgeous and unobstructed.

The Italian hot chocolate could be likened to molten ambrosia, creamy, warm and absolutely drool worthy.

One unique selling point about the place was the communing with nature, or lorakeets to be precise. Lorakeets everywhere. Lovely to look at and baby talk like a retard to. But come food time, it was a frenzy. Plates and glasses had to be scooped up and birds elbowed out of the way left and right. The squawking and swooping birds filled the table, landed on heads as we hunched over our plates shoveling food into our mouths before the colorful avian creatures attack. I present to you the afttermath of the action.
poor, poor paranoid brother
It was fun before and after, watching these wild birds so unafraid of humans (I think my dad was prime to bird-napp one to take home with us). But during...It could be likened to a miniature war zone. We were told however that the birdies were all thoroughly sugar-rushed and usually are much more docile. 
The neighboring table got the worst of the action
Overall it was an amusing experience, definitely fun, and a must-do if you're in the area. However if you're the type to recreate the Southbank Ibis stomping incident of '09 this would likely not be your cup of tea.