July 19, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: Sakurai Takahiro and Miyano Mamoru

Stole this from one of Mamo's recent blog entries; I think it was the one about the Shirokuma Cafe event. Keeping in mind that Sakurai is 39 and Mamo is 30 this year.

[Cosplay] Hatsune Miku

Trap alert.
Just when you thought she is so pretty and has such smooth and skinny thighs.

Cosplayer: Aira (Japan)
Cosplayer blog: http://gigadrill.blog118.fc2.com/

4 Day Countdown Appears on Ubuntu Website

Ubuntu Website - July 18th
A minimal countdown has appeared on the official Ubuntu homepage – but what is it counting down to?

The teaser, which seems to have only been added today (July 18th), shows a dark background with four trailing slashes and ’4 days’ appearing above text reading ‘the line where two surfaces meet’.

OMG! Ubuntu shares some ideas of what it could be. Hit the source link below for more information!

[via OMG! Ubuntu!]