July 18, 2013

Reject releases PV for Marginal#4's upcoming single

The official Reject Youtube channel released last Sunday the PV for the upcoming second single of the 4-ikemen group Marginal#4, with the CD set to be released in August.
Come to me my pretty boys~

Seiyuu appreciation post: Fukuyama Jun and Ono Daisuke

Wow, back when both were such young, fine men. JunJun's long hair gives off such a different vibe than his current look (which is a short bob), makes him look much more mature. And OnoD's fringe + brown hair makes him look so much younger and have a cutie-pie face.

8*Prince's new album: ViViD Wave - a must listen!

I haven't listened to Vocaloids for a long time, but when I heard that 8*Prince recently released a new album, ViViD Wave, I thought I should try it out, because I really liked 8*Prince's previous works (eg. Distorted princess). I am definitely not disappointed with this album. There is just so much electropop-Vocaloid goodness. All the songs have a steady beat and catchy tune. It makes you want to dance all night long!
You must listen to this album! I especially love Luka's track: Party Killer.
Download here.

[Cosplay tips] How to highlight your eyes with a spoon

Since we started a Cosplay tab, I thought I would also help out contributing to this section.
Here's an interesting tutorial on how to draw the double eyelid effects using a spoon.
If you do try this out, let us know how effective this method is!

MeMuMo: Love & Girls by SNSD

Title: Love & Girls
Artist: SNSD
Year: 2013
Comments: Hey it's another song from SNSD! It's another one of those catchy songs whether you love it or hate it. This song especially has a rhythmic repetitive tune that just repeats in your head. Somehow after listening to this song a few times over and over, it's gotten stuck into my head and I'm now back into K-Pop.

Nexus 7 pics leaked!

If the product event that Google scheduled for July 24 wasn’t any indication that we’ll be seeing a new Nexus 7, pictures sent to Engadget by an anonymous tipster suggest that the Nexus 7 will be coming to retail outlets as early as next week, the same week Google’s event will take place.





Free! - Episode 3 [v.P]

 Muscles and skin. 
Muscles Everywhere. ;)
My comments aren't going to make much sense this week because I'm too gagged over the skin fanservice, and because this episode is focused on my fav character Megane-bro, and how he ends up joining the swim club even though he can't swim. I felt that his "reason" for joining was pretty weak and kind of forced, essentially it's just "Wow Haru's awesome at swimming, I want to be like that too, I'm gonna quit the track team and join the swim club".