July 14, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Ad

Check out the latest ad from Microsoft introducing the Surface Pro. It is quite the well composed and pretty cool in some segments. Overall though, it's just another 'cool' ad for a rather mediocre product in which I would probably never buy.

[Download] Rage On - OLDCODEX (FREE! OP)

It's here guys! Quite surprised that there's a lot of English lyrics.
DDL: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=4147927328&uk=1680962629 
Password: tc3v

Meganebu! posts first PV trailer

The first PV trailer for the upcoming Autumn anime, Meganubu! has been revealed!

I support the half-rimmed glasses XD, may potentially be biased because Suwabe is voicing that character.
Also, enjoy the photo below of the seiyuus of the five main characters, taken after their live announcement show.

Seiyuu appreciation post: Ono Daisuke

And I just realised today that Erwin Smith (Shingeki no Kyojin - blonde guy below) is voiced by OnoD. I reckon the producers set OnoD as Erwin and HiroC (Kamiya Hiroshi) as Rivalle on purpose, since in real life OnoD and HiroC are really close buddies, and in the anime Erwin is a close "friend" of Rivalle's. 

Android App Spotlight: Despicable Me

Despicable Me
Also known as 'Minion Rush', Despicable Me is the game based on the movie of the same name. If you have been on the social networks lately, these minion are all the rage right now. They are small, funny and they are YELLOW!

What makes this game so fun? First off it is like Temple Run meets Subway Surfers. You have to move left or right to avoid obstacles, jump, or roll to complete the level. There also obviously coins to collect during your run and there are also bonuses and items which you can use.
If you haven't had a go yet, download it now from the Play Store!