July 12, 2013

Meganebu! staff, cast, story and character info released

Tonight the Meganebu!'s production team held a live announcement session regarding the staff, cast and character information on Niconico, and the official website also updated with these information.
The cast includes: Suwabe Junichi, Kimura Ryohei, Kouki Miyata, Akabane Keiji and Tamaru Atsushi.
The key visuals for the characters include:
Akira Soma

Mitsuki Kamatani

Takuma Hachimine

Yukiya Minabe

Hayato Kimata

Google+ update lets friends see your +1's

The latest update to the Google+ Android app doesn't have the most exciting changelog, but the one feature it adds is a user-facing one that brings up a larger question of the service. With the latest version, the Google+ app will now show content in your "stream" that wasn't shared directly by someone in your circles, but instead was +1'd by someone. In reverse, this means that things you +1 on your own will be shown to your friends as well, assuming you keep the default +1 settings.

You can get the update in the Play Store now.