July 11, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: Terashima Takuma

He's got quite a few roles this season. Not to mention he recently released a new single.

Chrome for Android updated with full screen tablet browsing and automatic page translation

Google is pushing out an update for the Chrome (stable branch) browser, with two very nice changes for Android users. The first, and one that everyone with an Android tablet will love, is full-screen browsing for Android tablets. This works the same as we've seen for phones, and the title bar disappears as you scroll down the page. Letting your tablet make full use of the screen real estate is a welcome change.

Also in version 28.0.1500.64 is automatic page translation via Google Translate. If your web surfing takes you to a page that's not in your device's native language, Google Translate kicks in and translates the page for you -- just like it does on the desktop.

[via Android Central]

Free! - Episode 2 [v.P]

Since I'm on a Free! high, I may as well post screenshots and my random comments.

At this point I want to call dibs on Shouta-kun (Nagisa) and Megane-bro (Rei)!