June 25, 2013

Seiyuu appreciation post: Morikawa, KENN and Tomozaku

Morikawa Toshiyuki updated his blog this afternoon and he posted a few interesting pictures, including one where KENN (left) and Tomozaku Sugita (right) were making silly poses.

[Lyrics] IN FUTURE!! - Yuutaku II 「ゆーたくⅡ」

Basic info:

"Yuutaku II" 「ゆーたくⅡ」 is a unit comprised of two seiyuus, Ono Yuuki and Eguchi Takuya. Their two-sided debut single is called 『third Wizard/IN FUTURE!!』. The song "third Wizard" is used as the main theme song of the radio show "What will I do? What will I be!? Yuutaku II" 「どうする?どうなる!?ゆーたくⅡ」, and their second song "IN FUTURE!!" is used as a ending song of the anime Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes.


I found these two songs to be very upbeat and catchy. It's full of fun and energy (especially in their PV, they act pretty childish/silly). 
You can download a sample of this single here.

Description: Kanji lyrics and Romaji lyrics of Yuutaku II's song "IN FUTURE!!".
Note: English translation coming soon.