June 22, 2013

My Holiday: Miku playing cards

Hey guys!

I'm actually away on holiday overseas and I didn't bring my laptop with me. I decided to try relying on my phone and Nexus 7 to get everything done.

Here is a welcoming present my cousin gave me when I arrived. It is a pack of Miku playing cards. I've decided to share one card a week for a year. 52 cards. 52 weeks.

Anyhow, I won't be blogging much but I will try to post stuff if I can.

[Piano Sheet Music] Devil Survivor 2 The Animation OST 1 Track 2 何度でも繰り返すと思っていた朝日

More DS2A love!! It's Track 2 of the DS2A OST1: 何度でも繰り返すと思っていた朝日 (roughly: Never ending repeated memories of that morning).
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Brothers Conflict releases anime PV and Twitter icons

Yesterday, the Brothers Conflict anime website updated to include two short promotional videos for the upcoming otome anime to air in July.
Further, to celebrate getting 15,000 followers on their twitter account, they also released a set of twitter icons for you to download.

Seiyuu appreciation post - Shimono Hiro

What more to say but that I really really like him. :)