June 11, 2013

Cecil's character single jumps from rank 11 to rank 3 in one day

Yesterday Cecil's (Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000%) character single was ranked 11th, and today it jumped to a high rank 3 on the Oricon charts!

Apple's iOS 7 copying Android?

With the announcement of iOS 7, many people are comparing the new UI to Android's UI which visually looks quite similar. It seems that Apple may have copied ideas from Android for this upcoming release. THe internet took this opportunity to create funny memes of iOS 7.

Power Tools for Devs: Source Code Editor

As a developer myself, programming without a proper tool is like writing an essay on pen and paper. It's really easy to miss bits of code and syntax with just Notepad. However, we have powerful tools at our disposal to make our lives easier.

Here is my top free and paid text editors with source code editing.


First off, for those who want free software, Notepad++ is the most powerful source code editor available on the Windows platform. It performs like Notepad but with full source code editing capabilities such as auto indentation support, color coding and more! It is a must-have for any developer.

Sublime Text

For those who have some cash to spend, Sublime Text is one powerful tool to have. For the amount of functionality it provides, $70 is decent. Some features of Sublime Text that you won't find in Notepad++ are the Goto Anything jump support for instant code jumping, multiple selections and it being cross-platform. If you are already a heavy Notepad++ user and want something more powerful, then Sublime Text is definitely a good alternative.