June 9, 2013

Hidden message behind Mikaze Ai's t-shirt design

Remember the UtaPri t-shirt series with Ai's design being a sequence of 1's and 0's in the shape of a love heart? Well someone deciphered the binary code and tweeted that the message is "はつこい" meaning 'first love'. 

 This is so sweet and beautiful, I'm going to sit in the corner and cry now.

Good Smile company reveals new Hatsune Miku nendroid

The nendroid will be available to order in the Good Smile Online Shop between July 8th until August 5th, and will be delivered in October. Miku costs 3,200 yen (about $33 AUD).

Featured Wallpaper: Camping

Camping. Anime style!
Well guys! I'm still at camping and I will be back tomorrow! For now, enjoy this camping photo. Anime style!