June 5, 2013

New Play Store web version is currently being tested at Google

Play Store web version Chris Yerga
Google has been making a lot of changes to apps lately. We expected changes for various mobile apps, but when those changes bleed into the desktop, it’s worth note. Rarely do desktop apps or services follow the pace their mobile counterparts set.

The Play Store has gone through many changes in its lifespan, even suffering a name change not too long ago. What it hasn’t yet done is become cohesive with the mobile app. News suggests that the new desktop version of the Play Store is being dogfooded at Google, meaning it will be ready for release sometime in the near future.

While the Play Store may not look exactly the same across devices, or even into the desktop, this update brings it much closer to true functional unity than any we’ve seen prior. Like the mobile app design shift we’ve seen lately, there is also a menu at the top left for navigation, allowing users to quickly move through the Play Store.

Google+ is now #2 social network

Guess what? Google+ is now the number two social network in the world! Before, it was a ghost town of underground mole users, but now finally, Google+ has been able to dig through the ground and into the light. According to Global Web Index, the numbers gathered now show that Google+ has surpassed Twitter in active users and is second only to Facebook.

So now, all you Google+ users, if someone even hints about Google+ being a failure, you can give them a funny look! As advertisers, businesses and brands continue to see a decline in the effectiveness of their Facebook efforts, Google+ continues to gain ground with it’s innovative features. Users are just becoming numb to the same old stuff on Facebook. It’s no surprise– when things aren’t evolving, they are inevitably going to lose their effectiveness.

And if you’re a blogger (like myself)– you have all the more reason to jump on Google+ immediately! The SEO benefits, though still a bit ambiguous, are no joke. Not to mention the ability to network through Communities of other bloggers who are actively sharing helpful tips and even forming blogging armies to help one another succeed.

Go, Google+!

[via Dustn.tv]

Pumpkin's Palette: Cream to your coffee

For those that watched the latest Valvrave episode, #8, Haruto made a comment to L-Elf that
"I (Haruto) am the cream to your (L-Elf) coffee". What he meant was that although coffee is bitter, like L-Elf, by adding some cream on top the drink tastes much nicer, and that was Haruto's subtle way of agreeing to team up with L-Elf.
This was requested by Reverie Metherlance:

[Lyrics] third Wizard - Yuutaku II 「ゆーたくⅡ」

Basic info:

"Yuutaku II" 「ゆーたくⅡ」 is a unit comprised of two seiyuus, Ono Yuuki and Eguchi Takuya. Their two-sided debut single is called 『third Wizard/IN FUTURE!!』. The song "third Wizard" is used as the main theme song of the radio show "What will I do? What will I be!? Yuutaku II" 「どうする?どうなる!?ゆーたくⅡ」, and their second song "IN FUTURE!!" is used as a ending song of the anime Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes.


I found these two songs to be very upbeat and catchy. It's full of fun and energy (especially in their PV, they act pretty childish/silly). 
You can download a sample of this single here. You can watch the PV here.

Description: Kanji lyrics and Romaji lyrics of Yuutaku II's song "third Wizard".
Note: English translation coming soon.