June 4, 2013

[Lyrics] The Misfit Go - OLDCODEX (Arata Kangatari ED)

Description: Kanji lyrics, Romaji lyrics and English translated lyrics of The Misfit Go by OLDCODEX, the ending song of Arata Kangatari.
Note: Partly transcribed by ear. The parts in brackets ( ) in the English translation are there to help the meaning flow smoother. Unfortunately I don't have CD booklet so I couldn't transcribe the lyrics by sight. I got the jap lyrics from here. Although I did double check the lyrics by ear. I also 'translated' the original English lyrics, just because I wanted to change the Japlish to actual English. Translation not 100% certain, I'm still learning the language. 

Screenshot highlights from Hataraku Maou #9, Karneval #9, Shingeki #9, Valvrave #8

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New Gmail 4.5 update out now

It looks like those Gmail Android app update rumours were true and finally it is happening. The new Gmail for Android update introduces a few tweaks such as removing the bottom bar in favor of two separate top menus.

The update brings Gmail in-line with consistent design with other Google's apps. It follows the design cues such as Play Music and Drive with the top left menu housing your accounts and labels. The right side menu will continue to be your action and settings menu, with the "Search" and "New" buttons staying put.

Like the desktop version, Gmail for Android allows you to categorize your emails with handy tabs. These tabs filter out your messages and sorts them in sub-categories rather than all in one Inbox. Currently the tabs are limited to Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, and Primary, but we assume that it will be customizable in the future.

As for the tablet, the UI is pretty much the same, though the left menu remains the same. The update is now rolling out in the Play Store incrementally, so if you don't see the update button, you will have to wait a little while longer.

[via Android Authority]

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 9 [v.P]

First anime to watch on my catch-up list is definitely UtaPri.
What I felt when my computer died.

Making the OS switch, here's what I missed!

I recently switched from Windows 8 to Linux Mint 15 and I have not regretted it since then. However, there are still some things I do miss from Windows that can't be replaced in Linux (easily or completely).
Things I missed:

  • Microsoft Office (especially Access) - sure, Google Docs and LibreOffice are really good alternatives for word processing and looking through Powerpoint presentations, but, Access is still the one program that doesn't have a proper alternative. It is essential to me and so I will have to use it on my other computer or in a VM.
  • League of Legends - Yes, I am an avid gamer. But I'm toning down on the gaming and focussing more on important stuff (like programming and such). It's not so much of a big deal that I can't play it anymore, but meh, a game is a game.
  • Adobe Photoshop - I know GIMP puts up a decent fight against Photoshop (and I have yet to fully learn GIMP), but Photoshop is the one program that I will miss using. Hopefully GIMP will live up to my standards.
  • Sony Movie Studio (and variants) - I will definitely miss the powerful video editing software that is only available on Windows. I really hope I can find a similar powerful video editor on Linux. (Currently got OpenShot installed, have yet to try it out.)
This is pretty much my list for now. As for everything else, I have found in Linux. I don't really care if I can't do anymore .NET stuff in Visual Studio, or that my Windows games won't work anymore, I will stand by Linux Mint for a long time to come.

My ideal house

I will buy a seven story house just so I can make my staircases look like this: (pics taken from the Ikebukuro Animate shop)