May 29, 2013

Shinomiya Natsuki's character single ranked 6th on first day of release

Oricon released their rankings tonight for this week's set of new releases, which includes Natsuki's character single, from Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000%. Natsuki came in 6th, which is pretty good, considering he had to compete against popular bands such as Arashi, who came 1st, and 2PM, who came 2nd. Congratulations to my bi-polar prince!

Printers are evil!

My printer was playing up these couple of days and I couldn't find out what the reason was. It wouldn't print anything at all. I had checked that the settings were correct and the network connection was fine. It turned out my printer was being stubborn and refused to print anything because the black toner was "low" (which it wasn't). I asked a friend for advise and he suggested I take out the toner and give it a good shake. So I did it. And now the printer works and everything is good. Goes to show that printers are quite annoying. Here is a hilarious comic strip that summarizes the hell of printers:

Google Launcher Starts Showing Up in Chrome New Tab Page

Google Launcher on Chrome New Tab Page
If you’re running a bleeding edge version of Google Chrome (be it dev, chromium or Canary) then take a peek at the New Tab page: there’s something different.

Google have added an additional launcher to the Chrome new tab page most developers builds across all desktop platforms.

It’s not overly flashy. In fact, it’s barely even noticeable. But it’s designed to give users quick access to common Google services – Gmail, Maps, News, etc – straight from the new tab page. What it isn’t however, is a replacement for the old web-app launcher; the pop-over only displays static links to Google sites.

If the launcher looks familiar then you may have read about a recent experiment by Google in which they replaced for the “dark bar” stripped across the homepage for a minimal grid-like launcher.

[via OMG! Chrome!]

Check out 'Pure'. It's a tiny HTML/CSS library.

Diagram of a sample layout.
If you thought HTML/CSS libraries could get any smaller, wait till you see 'Pure'. It's a HTML/CSS modules library to easily help you create simplistic and organised web pages. The library is ridiculously tiny - only 5.7KB after being mini-fied and gzipped without leaving out any of the extras. It contains a responsive style, design and ease of use. So if you are a web developer, you should definitely check this out!