May 27, 2013

UtaPri merchandise gone too far?

Broccoli goods announced last week that UtaPri scrunchies can be purchased at their store for 700 yen each (that's approximately $7 AUD).
Seriously!? $7 for a piece of rubber covered with some cloth to tie your hair with!
Then they also announced that they will start selling these really UGLY stockings that no one would dare to wear outside the house, for a price of 2,500 Yen (approx. $25 AUD). =="

No second season of K but a movie instead

Last night an event for the anime K, titled "K-Who is the next-" was held. With JunJun, OnoD, Sakurai Takahiro, Kenjiro and Namikawa participating in the event.
It was announced that there will be a movie (rather than the fan-speculated second season) and its tentative release date is set for 2014. No other information is available yet. 
Pictures stolen from Kenjiro's twitter.
Personally I would've preferred a second season, but then I'm not sure how they would develop the story considering the first season ending. Let's just wait and see how the movie turns out (i.e. don't get your hopes high).

Rumoured redesign Gmail app to be released on Wednesday

Could this be the redesign on the Gmail app? Earlier this week, The Next Web and Android Police got an anonymous tip about a new version of Gmail. The tip was showing off an alleged Gmail redesign that would automatically categorize all your emails and also separate them into different inboxes. What was interesting about the images is that they were very sloppily done.
The images above are showing the new version of Gmail on Android, iOS and desktop. So it’s not just an Android update to Gmail, but across all three platforms. The Android version is what we’ll be focusing on, and it does have the slide-out navigation drawer and a top-only action bar. Which is just like what we saw at Google I/O earlier this month. Gmail also now sticks profile pictures (most likely from Google+) in front of every email and multiple labels are now readable.

The new automatic email categorization feature makes you think the “SmartLabels” lab feature is graduating into prime time. The SmartLabels automatically tagged incoming emails with “Forums”, “Notifications”, “Promotions”, “Updates”, and “Social Updates”. As noted by Android Police. It’s also worthy to note that these lable show up differently on each platform.

So when is this launching? Well, Android Police’s tipster says this is a draft of an official Gmail Blog post which is set to go live Wednesday at 4pm GMT, which is 12-noon EDT, and 9am PDT. So it should be hitting the Play Store (and App Store, if you use an iOS device).

[via AndroidHeadlines]