May 23, 2013

Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% - Episode 8 [v.P]

[Sad to say but I kind of lost the mood to properly review this episode. But then again since when have I "properly" reviewed an anime? And what does "properly review" even mean? Yeah okay, you can tell I'm in a down mood because I'm rambling over here. Why the bad mood? Life, stress, deadlines, assignment marking, life. Wanting to do certain things but no time (like drawing fanart: got quite a few ideas/poses stacked up but no time to draw them out) and lack of skills (like translating Masa's Sanctuary song - I just checked the Jap lyrics, he uses a lot of difficult words/phrasing, and it looks like I won't be able to do the translation any justice with my current Jap knowledge). "Yeah whatever pumpkin, I don't really care about your life", well I never asked for you to care, "Seriously I don't care", fine whatever I'll shut up now.]
Picture dump of this episode first. Scattered thoughts about this episode right at end.

New Magi character figurines

The official Magi staff Twitter account tweeted earlier today the following picture of new Sindbad and Ugo figurines, and an Aladdin earphone jack.
The tweet also commented that Sindbad looks rather large (or rather the leaf looks rather small IMO (lol)), and that these figurines were made with quite a lot of detail. 
Which one would you want the most?

PC is still the best gaming platform

PC is still the best
I found this comment whilst going though my daily Android news. The article was talking about a release of a new game on the Android platform. Most people will think that mobiles and tablets aren't really suited for gaming and that consoles are still better, but who can forget the PC?

Google Drive updated with more document features

Google Drive
Google Drive has a big update in Google Play today, with two very cool features being added. The interface of the application has been redesigned, and now we see Google's new cards design at play, looking very much like a mashup of Google Now and Google+.

In addition, users can scan paper items like receipts or bills, and transfer them into pdf files to get stored in Drive, With the new OCR technology, you'll even be able to search through their contents. This should make things a bit easier to use Google Drive for things like expense reports, and the new sheets (spreadsheets) editing tools will make it easier to build that report.

There are also a few other small changes, like being able to download local copies to your Android device and use Google Cloud Print with any compatible printer.

[via Android Central]