May 22, 2013

Ren's character song takes 5th rank on first day of release

Ren was no match for mainstream JPop, AKB48, Perfume and Scandal. He came in #5 ;_;
OLDCODEX's single "The Misfit Go", used as the OP for the anime Arata Kangatari, came in #25, and Song Rider's single "Trauma/Be", used as OP for the anime Devil Survivor 2, came in #24.
Also, earlier tonight Suwabe tweeted "Thanks everyone for picking up (the new CD) today."
Seeing this message made me feel ultra guilty. I'm so sorry Suwabe /cries/ I seriously would've bought your CD if I was in Japan.

Chrome updated to 27, now 5% faster!

Google has just released the latest stable update to  Chrome, version 27, which has improved page loading by 5% and supporting a new File System Sync API.

The Chrome team have released version 27 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Web page loading is now 5% faster on average. Support for the File System Sync API has been added, allowing websites to save and synchronize data on Google Drive.

This release features a new search customized New Tab Page layout, using the Instant Extended API. This new API improves ranking of predictions, improves spell correction, and numerous fundamental improvements for Omnibox predictions.

Finally, the Chrome App Launcher should now be accessible by default for Windows users.

Chrome 27 also features a slew of security updates, making your browsing experience even more secure.
  • Security fixes with use-after-free scenarios with SVG, clipboard, media, flash, widget and speech
  • Fixes with Memory safety using Web Audio
  • Resolved issues with XXS extraction
Finally, Webkit has been updated to version 537.35 and V8 has been updated to version 3.17.14

Chrome 27 will be last ever release using WebKit. Chrome 28 will use Blink.

[via OMG! Chrome!]

Skype for Linux 4.2 Released With Much Needed Bug Fixes

skype-liuxIf you use Skype on Linux, you will be glad to hear that an update has been released the address a few bugs.

Skype 4.2 for Linux is largely a bug fix release aimed at improving the general stability of the application, its use with Microsoft Accounts (MSN merged into Skype a while back), and fixing a few well-documented faults introduced in the previous release.

These fixes range from the trivial: larger app icons; localizing prices in Skype WiFi prompts; to the much needed: crash fixes; navigation fixes; not showing features where they can’t be used.

Improvements to existing functionality also feature in the update:
  • Multi-monitor screen-sharing works better, with the workspace Skype is open on being shown by default
  • Microsoft Account users will see a ‘Messenger’ group listing their fellow MSA contacts
  • A button for initiating conference calls has been added to the conversations window
  • Voice messaging button available from Options
[via OMG! Ubuntu!]