May 14, 2013

Pumpkin's Palette: Anguished One

Anguished One from Devil Survivor 2 - The Animation.
I'm really in love with the characters from Devil Survivor 2.
The black strip pattern didn't turn out as crooked as I expected. I'm getting faster at using my brushes. This took 7 hours of work.

Without background.

Bringing it all together: Gmail, Drive and G+ Photos to share 15GB common storage

Android Central
The Google goodies are already coming our way, before we even get to Google I/O. Announced today, no longer will your Gmail storage sit at 10GB for free, or 5GB on Google+ photos and Google Drive. Google has introduced a new, 15GB free allowance which covers all three products.

This is great news in particular for anyone who uses little of their allowance on Gmail -- like myself -- but is much heavier on photos and Drive usage. As the storage is shared across all three services, you get to use as much of it as you like, wherever you like.

In addition to changing how your storage works, Google is also changing how the Google Drive storage page helps you understand how you're using your storage allowance. Hovering over the pie chart will show you a breakdown of how much you're using across each of the three services. And, because of the changes, heavy Gmail users are no longer limited to a 25GB upgrade only. Any Google Drive storage you buy will become available there too.

[via Android Central]