May 12, 2013

UtaPri senpai fans fear not! We WILL get our senpais - eventually.

Senpai fanart
Yes, you've heard me complain about the lack of senpai air time in the currently airing Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000% (here and here). But there is no need for despair! A source from twitter tweeted the following photo, and the main point being that the senpais will appear in the second half of the anime! Just some more things to look forward to in the coming month!

That cupcake!

So I was at a friend's wedding ceremony yesterday, it was quite grand indeed. Check out the wedding cake above. It was specially crafted by one of my other friends with the huge cake being made out of smaller cupcakes. The one big cupcake at the top was the part the bride and groom had to 'cut'. Well anyway, it was an enjoyable day for me!