May 8, 2013

PSotD - Hello

Title: Hello
Artist: Kaji Yuuki
Year: 2012
Notes: Following on from what I said yesterday about my favourite seiyuus, here's one of my cute babies Kaji Yuuki. He has such a baby face that I want to squish and kiss. He wrote the lyrics for this song himself.


My thoughts: Adobe Creative Cloud

If you have been following any tech news website these past few days, you may have heard about Adobe's recent announcement of ditching traditional boxed software in favour of cloud-based subscription services. I won't dive into full detail here, but if you wish to find out more, you can check out the Creative Cloud from Adobe's website.

Simply put; I think the move Adobe is making is utterly wrong. A few reasons why I think that. As a poor uni student as myself, I don't have that much money to pay for a $50~ subscription a month to use all of Adobe's products. Although it's good that Adobe does offer student discounted prices for CC, but hey, $20 a month for the rest of your life is a lot of money spent.

I'm not sure even if the prices will stay the same say next year or in the future. If Adobe is going to generate revenue to make-up for lost profit because of it's current prices, then the consumer will have no choice but to oblige to pay the extra cash.

As a occasional Photoshop user, the subscription based model is a waste of my money. I rather buy the product outright (pay once) and be able to use it until it is not supported anymore without having to dish out extra cash.

Sure enough, a lot of companies are progressing to the 'cloud' business model where users pay a subscription to use a particular service that is offered to them at anywhere and anytime. Much like Microsoft Office 2013's subscription service, there is no way to pay for the product outright.

In the end, all I'm saying that the Creative Cloud may receive a lot of backlash from individual users but large companies may benefit more with this subscription model. I will probably keep my Photoshop CS5 for now and not upgrade to Creative Cloud.

Goodness, I wonder what the time is?

I saw this hilarious post on tumblr and wanted to share it. 
Guess what, tomorrow is Thursday, which means it's *cue drum roll*, that's right, UtaPri TIME!!! Let's hope we get Ren-sama's route.


              Utapri      ^        Utapri
     Utapri               |                 Utapri
Utapri                   o ———->           Utapri

      Utapri                                 Utapri

            Utapri                   Utapri


good heavens look at the time