May 3, 2013

Me and My Mod Mates

Here's what I think of my Moderator friends on the Google+ Anime Community:
  • Richard: He’s one awesome dude, got the Google+ Anime Community going.
  • Joon: A quiet one, doesn't talk much but he posts pretty awesome pictures.
  • Rassi: She is one social butterfly in the community, always there.
  • Kurono: He’s one smart guy, knows a lot about programming, a great mentor.
  • Satoshi: A funny guy, likes to XD a lot. Makes the place lively.
  • Mitko: A great help to the community by organizing events for the members.
  • Martin: One of the original guys in the Mod team, has stuck with us all this time.
What else can I say? The team is AWESOME and so is the community! =)

Chrome Theme: Darker than Black

I decided to make a really dark Chrome theme for once, and here is the result. A color that is darker than black. That is, a Darker than Black theme for those who use Chrome. I experimented with image placement on the top toolbar. Anyhow, enough talk, download below.

When I see bishies...

They're mine!! So HANDS OFF!
But being the generous person that I am, I shall allow you to have a peek at them too.
Presenting the boys from Ao no Exorcist - megane style.
Click for larger image.