April 27, 2013

GAC: G+ Anime Website Reveal

Check out this latest update of the Google+ Anime Community! The community finally has it's own website to accommodate the ever changing community.

Feel free to check it out! www.gplusanime.com

[via Google+ Anime Community]

KyoAni announces new swimming anime 'Free!' to air in July 2013

My friends, today is an excellent day. Not only was the preview for Ren's song released (it's so tasty), but KyoAni just made (one of) my dreams come true!
Yes, that's right, remember that sexy PV about four young pretty boys taking their shirts off and showing off their hot bods participating in the school swimming team? KyoAni just announced that it is officially an anime and it will be airing in July 2013! The anime is called Free! It is based on Kouji Ouji's High Speed!, an honorable mention recipient in the 2nd Kyoto Animation Award in 2011. Hiroko Utsumi of Animation DO is directing the anime, and Masahiro Yokotani is supervising the scripts. Futoshi Nishiya is designing the characters, and Tatsuya Katou is composing the music.

The main cast is as follows:
Shimazaki Nobunaga as Nanase Haruka,
Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Tachibana Makoto, Haruka’s childhood friend,
Yonaga Tsubasa as Hazuki Nagisa, the freshman,
Hirakawa Daisuke as Ryugazaki Rei,
Miyano Mamoru as Matsuoka Rin the rival!

Watch the promo video as well!
Edit: Offical website here.