April 22, 2013

GAC: New logo revealed

Check out the revealing of the new logo!

Karneval - Episode 3 [v.P]

When you get to the climax of the episode (jokes)

This is more like a rant and lists of screenshots rather than a review. I would probably call these "anime review" posts as BSS: Blargh and Screenshots. By Blargh I mean just random thoughts that pop into my head as I watch an episode. But enough of my rambles, and let's move on to the promised "blargh" - Episode 3 of Karneval.
Yogi gets flung out the door.

Featured Wallpaper: Black Rock Shooter 2

This is another Black Rock Shooter wallpaper which I found was pretty well illustrated. The background has a nice abstract, rough gradient texture with a soft blue glow. Black Rock Shooter in the center as if contemplating about something. Anyhow, it's a great wallpaper for any BRS fans out there.