April 20, 2013

10 Best Ubuntu 13.04 Features

Who else is excited about the release of the world's most popular Linux distribution - Ubuntu 13.04.

What can you expect from this release? Unlike previous releases, Ubuntu 13.04 brings about a few dramatic changes, but mainly some needed polish and performance boosts to the system.

1. New Window Snap Animation

Windows snapping was a really popular feature in the Windows operating systems and its handy to quickly display two applications side-by-side without overlapping.

For 13.04 a bit of attention has been given to the animation shown on screen to tell you that ‘you’re about to snap’. Developers have changed its appearance from that of a generic orange box spreading outwards to a semi-transparent copy of the window about to be snapped.

Chrome Theme: Uta no Prince-sama

Here is another Chrome theme created by me as requested by pumpkin_so77. It is a Uta no Prince-sama theme for the fangirls (and the occasional guy). Hmm...not much to describe here. It's a simply shades of gray on a white background with the characters from the anime on the bottom-right. I've set it so the character's head don't get chopped off by the 'Most Visited' panel on the New Tab page. Enjoy!

Jun Fukuyama's 4th album teaser video revealed

Jun Fukuyama, a famous seiyuu, is releasing his 4th album, "Love Letters 3 ~Matsuri No Kuni De~" on 22nd May 2013. The production company Flying Dog posted a teaser video of 『目隠しの真実』(Blindfolded Truth) which will be included as a bonus DVD with the limited edition of the album.
This promo song isn't as impactful as I would have liked.