April 11, 2013

Check out Cinemagram: Create GIFs and looping video

Animated GIFs are what the internet is made up of today. Cinemagram is the app that allows you to record videos and save them as an animated GIF. or example, you could record a video with a flag in the background, animate only the flag, and create an attention-grabbing effect. You can also record short, edited videos by holding to record, releasing, and then recording your next great moment… much like Vine for Twitter.
Instead of using a GIF format, sharing on the web now uses a video format. At the moment, Cinemagram for Android has some issues. There have been problems with sharing GIFs, and the “Open” button that appears on web embeds redirects to the iOS app. However, minor updates should fix those problems.

So, if you are into creating animated GIFs or yourself or your friends, give Cinemagram a go!

Microsoft Office for Android rumoured release in 2014

Android Central
An Android release may have to wait until PC, Mac, and Windows Phone updates have finished. We all have been waiting for an official Microsoft Office app release, but we have been left in the dark for a while now. The newest rumor, an alleged roadmap being reported by ZDNet, lists Office for Android coming in 'Gemini Wave 2.0,' or October 2014. The first two 'Gemini Waves' show Office updates for Windows Blue, Office for Mac, Office RT, and Windows Phone. Once the developers get these out of the way, Android and iOS are supposed to be next in line to receive Office apps.

According to this roadmap, Office just isn't in the stars for Android as a 2013 release. Even if this information is correct, it wouldn't be surprising to see the release pushed back further, and Windows Phone keeping an exclusive on Microsoft Office for the foreseeable future. Luckily Google has been preparing for such a scenario, with its acquisition of Quickoffice to beef up its own apps product suite.

[via Android Central]

Daily Nyaa: Lil' Nyaa


Chrome Beta updated with fullscreen mode, better search, tab history

Chrome beta
A new build is available for Chrome Beta users, moving the beta app's version to 27.0.1453.49. Those that have stuck with the stable version of Chrome might be persuaded to come over to the dark side thanks to the latest awesome feature: fullscreen mode.

Upon scrolling down a webpage, Chrome's toolbar will now completely disappear, giving a boost to the precious screen real estate that web page content can use. If a a web address needs to be typed in or the menu needs to be accessed, scrolling up will quickly restore the toolbar. This feature is currently for phones only.

Tablets get their own exclusive feature as well. Holding the browser back button will reveal a drop down area, with previously viewed tabs displayed in a vertical list. Viewing tab history doesn't get any easier.

All devices also receive a new and improved search function. Now when a search term is entered into the omnibox (address bar), it will stay in the omnibox -- instead of being replaced with a web address upon searching. This not only makes it easier to go back and edit search terms, but it eliminates the need for displaying a search box within the webpage, allowing more search results to be seen on the page.

Client-side certificate support was added to this release as well, allowing access to sites that require the use of a certificate. Users are given the option to select their desired certificate from any that are currently installed.

[via Android Central]