April 8, 2013

Mabinogi: Miku and Nao

So I tried playing Mabinogi, and online MMORPG game by Nexon. I've been wanting to try that game for a while now as it was free to play on Steam. After the download, installation and patching, I finally started the game.

Initial impressions were honestly not that good. I expected the graphics to be better or the interface to be cleaner. No. It was pretty appalling and rather dull. The only reason I tried this game was because of the latest Miku and Nao mash-up event. Other than that, I would not have tried it at all.

GacktXGakupo duet of Episode.0: One fangirl's dream come true

As a big, major, HUGE fan of Gackt, and a fan of Vocaloids, I was ecstatic when I saw this video on YouTube, which is an excerpt of the ボカロ歌謡祭2013(春) (The Vocaloid Music Festival 2013 (Spring)). It features a short interview with Gackt, and concludes with an amazing duet performance of the song Episode.0 by Gackt and Gakupo.

New Google Play Store app sighted on Google+

Play Store
It looks like the Google Play Store will get another major redesign soon. The last time the Play Store received a redesign was back when it was still called the Android Market.

The screenshot posted above on Google+ shows a lighter, more colorful design with more prominence given to the main store areas, and larger app icons below. "Games" also gets its own entry, whereas before it was found under "Apps."

Right now it looks like Google's just "dogfooding" this new version of the Play Store among its employees (check out the little dog bowl icon on the top left) but if Googlers are posting pictures of the new app publicly, chances are we won't have too long to wait for the public roll-out.

[via Android Central]