April 3, 2013

K-ON! Arcade Rhythm/Card Game to Launch This Spring

Japanese game developer Atlus has launched a website to reveal that the K-ON! Hōkago Rhythm Time (K-ON! After School Rhythm Time) arcade card game will launch in Japan this spring.

The game itself will cost 100 yen (about US$1.10) to play, and after the player pays, the machine will issue one of 46 different K-ON! cards. Players can then use trading cards to digitally read in a K-ON!-related song to play. Players can also read in up to three cards to unlock special combinations and get extra points. The game will include new lines recorded by the anime's cast.

Famitsu is hosting screenshots and example cards from the game.

[via ANN]

Infinite Stratos GIF

Well this was my first attempt in making an animated GIF out of a video. It took a bit of time in perfecting this GIF and to make the file size as small as possible. I had to resize the 720p resolution down to around 180px. Even then, the file size was still too large. I had to do some frame skipping in order to bring the size right down.

I know it's my first time and there are plenty of things that I need to do for next time.
1) Trim the unnecessary parts out
2) Keep the scene short as possible
3) Keeping it 497x281 (because it fits well into G+)
4) Have the file size to be under 5MB

Well, enjoy my first animated GIF! It's a bit long...but bear with it. =)

Android's Market Share for March

As usual, Google releases their statistics on the number of users of their various version of the Android operating system. Having a quick look at March's results concludes that Gingerbread is still the most used version of Android with 39.7% of total Android users followed by Ice Cream Sandwich at 29.3% with Jelly Bean  coming in third with 23%.

What does this tell us? Either the users are still holding on to their phones, not wanting to upgrade? Or is the lack of manufacturer support is preventing these users from benefiting with the latest Android OS? What do you think?

Humble Bundle adds three more games to its Humble Mobile Bundle

Almost a week after launching a bundle exclusive to Android, Humble Bundle has added three more games to its Android offering today.

Last week, Humble Bundle launched an Android bundle with six games, two of which you would only get if you payed above the average price. Today, the guys at Humble Bundle have added three more games to that list: Another World, Funky Smugglers and Raiden Legacy.

If you’ve already purchased the bundle, the games should be available via the Humble Bundle download page. If you haven’t gotten the bundle yet, there’s one week left to the sale, which should give you just enough time to make a decision!

HTC infographic details one day with the HTC One

Giant HTC One infographic
While you're waiting to have a look at the new HTC One, you're probably thinking of how you might use the phones features. Just click on the image above to enlarge it!