March 28, 2013

New Blogger Joins the Team

Hi! My name is Richard. I just recently joined the My Bubbletea Time team, it's quite an honor. I'll be focusing on anime themed blogs  feel free to contact me if you want suggestions based on your interests. I only recently got into blogging, and it's been really fun! My favorite anime (so far), is Kino no Tabi, I probably spend too much time watching anime. I run several online communities. I enjoy expressing my opinions; I like to look at things from a philosophical point of view. I'm currently studying to become a System Analyst.

Because there really isn't much to say about myself, I'm gonna explain how I came to joining this team, though it's quite a short story.  I created a community on the site Google+, and at the time we were short on moderators, so I invited Diluen to help with the community. Not too long after, I started blogging and Diluen was one of the few (if not the only) to visit my blog — seriously, getting people to visit your blog is hard. So, anyway, he liked my blogs and invited me to join this one. I'm very grateful to have given this opportunity!

Ain't that the truth

My Anime List

Nightcore MiKu MiKu DJ - My Soul, Your Beats! [Angel Beats!]

Here's a bonus post for those who like nightcore and Miku and Angel Beats!

【初音ミクappend VIVID】 My Soul, Your Beats! 【Angel Beats!】

While I'm rediscovering why Miku is so cute, here's another Miku cover of another good anime OP from Angel Beats!

Hatsune Miku - I want to be a cat

My friend linked me to this video today and I found myself to Miku singing in a baby voice along to a 8-bit tune. Ok, so it's not the best Vocaloid song out there (and it may take time to get used to the electronic singing), but it's cute nonetheless. Check it out below.

PopCap to launch Plants vs. Zombies 2 in summer

Seven long months ago we heard from PopCap that it’s planning to release the sequel to its popular tower defense action game, Plants vs. Zombies, in 2013 – though no specific date was mentioned.  Now it looks like the wait is almost over.

The developer has confirmed that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be launched in “early summer”.

Unfortunately, that’s all about we know of the game so far, as no other details were given. But look at what those lucky Facebook users get to enjoy early. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, a social adaptation of the game, is currently being rolled out in phases on Facebook.

It’s safe to assume that the real sequel will have some elements from the above. So if you like to stalk as well as play on the social network site, you will want to keep an eye out on PvZ Adventures.

[via Android Authority]

名前のない怪物 feat. 初音ミク and 結月ゆかり

Mash up one awesome Egoist (Supercell) song for an amazing anime (Psycho Pass) with Miku and you get:

How about trying mashing it up with Vocaloid3-Yuzuki Yukari:

'Featured Android Apps for Tablets' page now on Google Play website

Tablet Apps
Developers who spend time to make apps that look great on a tablet get a shout-out from Google on a new page at the Google Play site.

Google has put up a page at Google Play that focuses on apps designed with a tablet in mind. Android doesn't require applications to be specifically written for tablets, instead opting to allow developers to use UI elements like fragments to better utilize screen real estate on any device. But the truth of the matter is, most app developers aren't doing it. Hopefully, a chance to get featured by Google will jump start a bit more development in this area.

Google provides a good toolbox for it, and they have outreach programs for developers, but it still takes time and work to make you app look great on both a phone and a tablet. While Android is the market leader for smart phones, their tablet sales fall to a distant third behind Apple and Amazon. It makes sense for developers to focus on an app designed to look great on a smaller screen before he or she starts worrying about tablet-sized screens and the new challenges they bring.

It's nice to see Google give props to a handful (there's 116 apps featured) of applications that are awesome on your tablet, and we hope this list grows and grows.