March 23, 2013

How to Make Ghost in the Shell Optical Camouflage Art: A Video

To promote the upcoming Ghost in the Shell Arise anime, the staff recreated the franchise's signature optical camouflage in real-life using some decidedly low-tech, high-concept performance art:

The artists installed the exhibit at the February 12 unveiling of Ghost in the Shell Arise. The "camouflage" was only effective in one spot in the room — a viewer had to stand on a bulls-eye marked on the floor to experience the full effect.

Production I.G offered an Optical Camouflage Camera app inspired by the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime in 2011. The Tachi Lab at the University of Tokyo attempted the effect for "real" in 2002.
Source: ANN

Google working on own 'smart watch' to take on Apple, Samsung

Internet search giant Google's Android team is reportedly working on a smart watch that would compete with Apple's iWatch.

The reported Google device is separate from the Samsung smartwatch, which the Korean firm this week confirmed that it is working on.

A Google smartwatch has not been confirmed, but is working on has not been confirmed, but came via an insider briefing to the FT.

According to the Telegraph, the leak would, however, seem to be confirmed by the fact that last year Google had a patent application approved for a "smart watch" with dual-screen "flip-up display", and a camera.

The patent filing also mentioned a "tactile user interface", or touchscreen.

The paper pointed out that the challenge facing smartwatch designers is miniaturisation.

The major task is to fit all technologies, screens, processors, GPS, mobile software, Bluetooth wireless networking, into something small enough to look stylish on a wrist.

[via DNA]