March 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date and pricing

Galaxy S4 launch 000049
The Galaxy S4 is now official, so we can finally talk about actual release dates and pricing details for the handset.

As it did before, Samsung will launch its flagship product almost simultaneously in multiple markets. From the beginning of the show, Samsung’s JK Shin told us that the Galaxy S4 will hit no less than 327 carriers in 155 countries.

Without specifying actual launch dates, Shin said that the handset will hit stores in late April, or about a month later than initially rumored.

The Galaxy S4 will come in both 3G and 4G versions and it will support a variety of international networks.

The handset will be available in three capacity versions from 16GB to 64GB. Samsung has not announced pricing details during the event, but we expect the 16GB model to cost $199.99 with new two-year contracts in the U.S.

In case it matters, the Galaxy S4 will come in two color versions, white and black, although we expect other Galaxy S4 colors to be announced at a later date.

[via Android Authority]

First day of Windows 8

So after a few months of holding back on upgrading my Windows operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8, I finally decided to take the plunge after seeing many others do so. As any other tech-minded guy, I did my research, asked around in various websites, read some news and everything. I wasn't fully convinced to do the switch after doing all that, and after playing around with it a bit on my friend's new laptop, I decided that it wasn't the right time to do so.

A few weeks later and slowly, the overly hyped Microsoft Surface TV commercials and electronic store advertisements finally penetrated my rock solid heart and in the end, I gave in to community pressure and decided to make the switch.