March 6, 2013

Humble Bundle with Android 5 Launches, All 6 Games Available for Linux

The Humble Bundle with Android 5 has just gone live.
Four titles, three of which are new to the Humble Bundle, are available to buy for whatever price you’re willing to pay.
But don’t let the title of the bundle fool you; despite ‘Android’ being in the title all of the games can be installed on Ubuntu through the Ubuntu Software Center, via direct download, or, for the first time on Linux through Steam.
The four titles on offer are:
  • Beat Hazard Ultra - music-based arcade shooter
  • Dynamite Jack - 2-D action-adventure game
  • Solar 2 - open-world universe building game
  • NightSky HD - Physics puzzle game
Two extra games, one of which hasn’t been included in a previous offer, are available for those who pay more than the ‘average’ price. 
  • Dungeon Defenders - RPG
  • Super Hexagon – geometric action game