February 17, 2013

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. for Android to bring virtual pet ownership back in style

Feel like some nostalgia? Then look no further. Head on to Google Play and get yourself a copy of a new app called Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. installed on your Android device of choice right now. For those that don’t know – come on, really? – Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. is an app that is based on the “tamagotchi” virtual pets which became wildly popular in the 90s.

According to the app’s makers, the Tamagotchi is now better than it has ever been before. For starters, the pets are in color, but that’s not the only thing the app has going for it.

Indeed, all the people who will end up downloading and poking around this app probably will go out and tell their friends all about it. It can be downloaded and installed now on all Android tablets and smartphones that are running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later. And as the description above says, it’s available free of charge.

Get ready for Google Stores

Google Stores
We know about Apple store, the recent Samsung stores and plenty of other popular branded device companies opening up stores. However, we have never had a Google Store; until now. In a move that would help Google continue its push beyond the Internet and into the realm of consumer electronics, the company reportedly plans to open its own retail stores ahead of the holidays this year. According to a single "reliable source", 9to5Google says the is confirmed that Google will open stores in several major metropolitan areas across the United States. The stores will reportedly be used to showcase and sell the company's Nexus-branded devices as well as computers running Chrome OS. The store may also be a perfect place to show off Motorola's upcoming "X Phone".

[via BGR]

Skype officially adds video messaging feature to its service

Last December, a change in Skype’s terms of service hinted that a new video messaging feature was going to be introduced soon. Now, it looks like the feature has been officially rolled out to the apps on Android and iOS.

If you’re eager to give it a try, don’t get too disappointed to learn that it may not be available in your region yet, because only folks in the U.S., UK, and several other countries — that have yet to be fully revealed — can start sending those video messages through Skype – at least for now.

Once you got the update, you’ll be able to send up to three minutes of video to your contacts. It’s reported that premium users will get to send an unlimited number of videos, which won’t be the case for regular Skype users. Another incentive for premium users is that their videos will never be deleted from the server.

[via Android Authority]