February 14, 2013

Pokemon TV for Android, gotta watch em' all

Pokémon TV
ere's one for all the kids -- and big kids-- out there. Pokemon TV has been released into the Google Play Store bringing with it hours upon hours of cartoon battling fun. We've all come across Pokemon at some point, be it on the old Nintendo Game Boy's, or the cartoons, or the trading cards, and there's probably a good few of you guys out there that will be secretly -- or not so secretly -- delighted by this.

Pokemon TV is an official application, completely free of charge, and promises fresh episodes every week. It's good for both phones and tablets, we've had no problems installing it on a range of devices, and only requires Gingerbread and above.

Unofficial Ouya forum lists confirmed upcoming games

An admin at an unofficial Ouya forum has listed hundreds of games that have been confirmed – either by developers or the people from Ouya – to be arriving on the Android-based game console.

There are so many games listed that to enumerate them here is quite cumbersome. Some worthy games, however, have caught our attention. Among them are games we have already reported about such as Double Fine Adventure and The Cave by Double Fine Studios. The action RPG Dungeon Quest, which is currently downloadable on the Play Store as beta, is also headed for Ouya.

The catalog has over 300 games already and continues to increase whenever forum moderators receive new information. Even though this is not an official list, almost every game mentioned is linked to another forum thread or a website that verifies that the game is indeed coming to the Ouya console.

[via Android Authority]

Google Now officially gets widgets in latest Google Search update

Google Now Widget
Google Now has been updated including the support for home screen and lock screen widgets!

First off is the lock screen widget. It works on a home screen or lock screen (the latter only if you've got Android 4.2). We not noticing any real customizable settings just yet -- sing out if you see any. But you can at least resize it on the home screen, and you might well need to if it tries to take up a full 4x4 spot by default.

Then there's support for movie passes from Fandango, as well as ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. If you're searching for a home, you'll get real-estate listings from Zillo. In the United States, you'll now see a music button when a song is playing in voice mode. And, as some of you have already noticed this week, there's now support for college sports.

[via Android Central]