February 5, 2013

IMDb, GrooveShark, eBay and More to Be Searchable from Unity in 13.04

scopes1With the recent announcement that Ubuntu 13.04 will ship with a smarter Scopes API, we can see about the introduction of as many as 100 new data sources.

Why so many? Ubuntu hope that providing more sources for queries to be searched against you’ll be able to find more of what you want without leaving the Dash.

Ubuntu wants to be more helpful and more relevant than it is at present – as well as faster.

Unlike Ubuntu 12.10, these Scopes won’t continually be running in the background. They will only be ‘triggered’ if they’re going to provide ‘relevant’ results to whatever it is you’re searching for. If you’re online then this judgement is made by an intelligent ‘Smart Scope Service’, which learns what is relevant based on users behaviour.

Ubuntu call it ‘crowdsourcing relevancy’. I’m just going to call it the beginning of Skynet. Chances are not everyone will need all 100 scopes, so Raring will, developers say, make it easy to toggle off those you don’t need.

Hit the source link below for the full list of the data sources.

[via OMG! Ubuntu!]

HTC promises 'new sound and camera experience in 2013'

Well check out this infographic by HTC. It mentions their flagship product, the HTC One X's camera capabilities. On interesting note, what till HTC reveal this year? A new sound and camera experience wil be revealed sometime soon.