January 28, 2013

Full screen mode in Chrome Beta!

A recent update has given Chrome Beta the option to enable WebGL. While that usually has a lot to do with graphics, this time it’s given us a fun new way to view webpages.

Here are the steps:
  • Open up Chrome Beta
  • Type chrome://flags/ into the omnibox (that’s the address bar at the top)
  • Scroll down until you see “Enable WebGL” and click on it to activate
  • Navigate to the “Boids and Buildings” experiment page (bookmark this)
  • Launch the experiment
  • Close all tabs, and reopen Chrome Beta
Simple as that! Now, a few notes. We asked you to bookmark the page in step 4 because when you turn the device off or force-stop Chrome Beta, the full-screen function goes away. You’ll have to run through steps 4-6 again to re-engage the feature. It really makes mobile web browsing a much better experience.We’re sure this is a feature we’ll see on future Chrome updates (once the beta tag is removed), but an early gift is never a bad thing.

New Options Added to ‘Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper’ for Android

Minor customization options have been added to Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper – an Android app that apes the look of  the Ubuntu mobile lock screen. Although none of the new additions are of the brain-melting variety they will be welcomed by tweakers looking to tailor the drape to suit their tastes.
Resizing and Reposition Options Added
The major change concerns the “circle” centre-point of the wallpaper. This can now be resized and repositioned from the ‘Live Wallpaper Preview‘ screen.

Pinching in and out will make the circle smaller and bigger respectively; whilst a simple tap and drag on it will allow you to move it anywhere on the screen.