January 21, 2013

Toyota Unveils Official Girls & Panzer Itasha Car

Automobile museum Toyota Auto Salon Amlux began a Girls und Panzer-themed event on Saturday. The event runs until February 11 with activities such as a stamp rally, a bingo tournament, 2000GT plastic model bulding, a Gran Turismo game simulation competition, a safety driving test via a simulator — and a Toyota itasha car decorated with an official Girls und Panzer decals:

[via ANN]

Android App Spotlight: AirDroid

I recently bought a Nexus 7 and tried to connect it to my Linux operating system; but it didn't work. It seems that Linux still doesn't support MTP out-of-the-box natively and require some external software and tweaking to get it working. I tried many different methods but none of them worked. In the end, I decided to give AirDroid a try...and I was amazed.

AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage your Android from your favorite browser. Similar to an FTP server, you just download the app, connect to your WiFi network and open up the web address link on your PC.

AirDroid allows you to transfer files between your phoen to the PC. It also supports drag & drop! You can pretty much do everything with AirDroid just like you are using Windows Explorer. Not only that, you can also receive, send, forward and delete SMS messages, install apps, view photos, customize ringtones and much more! It is one killer app, and I would recommend it to anyone that has an Android. Best of all, it is free!

Kim Dotcom's Mega comeback

kim dotcom
Kim Dotcom is back in his newest venture, the Mega file storage site. It’s been the talk of the internet all day today. The numbers seem to indicate that it was a mammoth success. According to Kim Dotcom’s Twitter account, the service has over 250,000 registered users already with 100,000 in the first hour. The servers are at full load and things are just going so well.

What’s making this such a success? There are several factors. First and foremost, new members are getting 50GB of free cloud storage upon signing up. That’s always a good start. Another factor is the site’s crazy good encryption.

According to The Verge’s Kimber Streams, this is to help protect both the users and Mega itself. Due to the encryption, the service doesn’t have access to the content being uploaded. This helps indemnify Mega to prevent the kinds of problems MegaUpload had.

With the encryption and all that free storage, it’s hard to say no to Kim Dotcom’s Mega. Some have even suggested that it could compete with very popular services like Dropbox. Currently, Mega doesn’t have all the features that Dropbox has, but we’re all but certain features will be implemented as time goes. However, they’re off to a good start by making the interface and using the site pretty easy. To upload files, simply drag and drop them.

[via Android Authority]