January 16, 2013

Fedora 18 'Spherical Cow' Released

Fedora 18 screenshot
Fedora 18 "Spherical Cow" has been released today, featuring the latest stable GNOME 3.6 by default and a brand new installer UI. Here are some new changes:

New Install UI

Fedora 18 introduces UEFI Secure Boot support so it can now be used on system shipped with Windows 8, as well as a new user interface for the installer (Anaconda), which is now easier to use for new users, while more advanced users can still access advanced settings:
Fedora 18 installer screenshot


GNOME 3.6 (with GNOME Shell as the default "shell" interface) is used by default in Fedora 18: Nautilus, GNOME Contacts, Boxes, Documents, Totem (Videos), etc. are all there.
Fedora 18 screenshots

Default Applications Shipped in Fedora 18

Fedora 18 screenshots
Fedora 18 ships with Linux Kernel 3.6 (3.6.10), but 3.7 is already offered as an update, X Server 1.13 and features default applications such as: Nautilus 3.6.3, GNOME Control Center 3.6.3, Evolution 3.6.3, GNOME Documents 3.6.2, GNOME Boxes 3.6.2, Deja Dup backup tool 24.0, Rhythmbox 2.98, Empathy 3.6.2, Firefox 18, Cheese 3.6.2, Shotwell 0.13.1, Transmission 2.72, GDM 3.6.2 and LibreOffice, among others, all on top of GNOME 3.6 and GTK 3.6.2.

Minecraft Pocket Edition update will add clouds, gravity-affected blocks and signs

minecraft pocket edition
Information about the upcoming Minecraft Pocket Edition update has been floating around for a little while, and now we have some idea about exactly what will be included when the update goes live.

Clouds in the sky and customization signs are confirmed additions to the game. The option to render clouds will be made available on high-end devices, whilst slower devices will have to make do with clear skies. Improvements to the physics engine should also appear in the update, as certain blocks will now obey the laws of gravity. So beware, as your epic sand sculptures could well end up collapsing in on you in the future.

Update 0.5.1 will also come with some less interesting, but equally important performance optimizations and bug fixes. There are also rumors of extra content like stone brick slabs, stairs and Redstone powered objects coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition soon. But these features might not appear until the 0.6.0 version, which is expected to follow soon after 0.5.1. Either way, there will be a host of new content available for Android Minecraft players in the near future.

The update is expected to roll out sometime near the end of January or early February, so get your pickaxes ready.

[via Android Authority]