December 14, 2013

[Translation] Brothers Conflict Drama CD 2nd Series CD 1 with Azusa and Tsubaki - Track 5

[HELP! Dying in Tsubaki Moe-ness!! >//////<]
Brothers Conflict 2nd Series CD 1 with Azusa and Tsubaki
Track 5 Scene 5: To You (from Tsubaki)

"You really are the ideal little sister", that is what I, a person with little-sister-fetish, believe you are.
But right now I think “You really are the ideal lover”.
Of course I love your cuteness and gentleness, but everyone also loves the you that display how over cautious and self-concious you are, for example when you’re by yourself and can’t stop worrying about things, or when you don’t really take notice of your surroundings, or when you can’t speak your thoughts directly.
For me, regarding the things that I love, I am willing to dedicate everything to it, which of course includes my job. All along you’ve been by my side and watching me, so you understand right?
For you, I will do everything possible to give you happiness.
If you are with me, then we’ll definitely have fun and be happy every single day!
Hey, after I’ve said all of this, surely your reply can only be ‘OK’ right?
Ne~ Get married to me.
You want me to say the proper version?
*clears throat* Please… marry me!