December 31, 2013

[Life] Building my Valvrave - Progress report: Night 1+2

Not so long ago, I bought Haruto's Valvrave kit. Two nights ago, I decided it was about time I started building it.
I'll log my VVV building progress.
Night 1: This took me one.whole.hour. Wow. There's so much detail to take care of.

Day 2: Why you can't breath when building a Valvrave. This (the green piece) is one of the numerous minuscule parts that you have to cut out from the mould (with scissors), then polish off (with sandpaper or a stanley knife - I use the latter) the plastic tubings so that it will fit nice and snug in the designated place (see picture 2).

Night 2: I completed the central body part and the right forearm. 
The instructions manual has a total of 7 pages, and as of tonight I have completed the first page. Building models takes a lot of concentration.
I'm going to call it a night and go play some Otome game on my PSP.