December 21, 2013

[Life] Beach day!

Today was a wonderful day for the beach. A group of friends and I hung out at Coolangatta beach. Got a little tanned, but the sea breeze and sun felt so good. Feeling really tired now and absolutely ready for bed, so please pardon the mushed up sentences.
Enjoy some of the photos below.
Woke up bright and early at 6am to prepare to go out.
Didn't slack off too much; Did some morning witnessing with the Gold Coast Chinese Congregation. Of course we stopped for an ice-cream break, and with fruitful results as we witnessed to the Korean shop attendant.
 Lunch time and beach time!
 A funky tree at the beach! Sand! Water!!
 Clear blue skies. Perfect beach weather.
 More beach.
 The girls (excluding me, since I was taking the photo).
We were just setting up and getting ready to hit the water.
We swam for about an hour, then sunbathed for another 40 or so minutes, then came back up to restock our energy (i.e. eat), then some beach volleyball, guitar+singing, making a human pyramid and kicking sand.
 Time to leave at 6:30pm. Beautiful sunset colours.
 Good bye beach~
Drove to Robina, had some really lovely Thai food.
Then headed back home.
It was a really fun day. I feel like glowing. It was a really good recharge. The beach is so relaxing. I'd love to come back.